I’m a photographer, first and always.

I’ve been an architectural photographer for over 25 years. That means I’ve been doing this since the days when the closest thing to ‘digital’ photography was using your fingers to wind the film roll. Over the years I’ve shot more than a thousand projects all over Canada, the US, and Asia. (I’m both a Canadian citizen and a US resident.)

With every image I shoot my goal is to capture the perfect combination of style, intrigue and artistic flair. I look for compositions that lure the viewer in, instilling a desire to want to know the structure and space better. When I find an angle that highlights architectural details and add lighting that conveys warmth and reveals the nuances in shape, colour and texture, I know the images I capture will leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Early Adopter. But not too early.

When it comes to tech, I’m what you’d call a ‘seasoned early adopter’. I’m always excited to get my hands on the newest technology when it will help me capture better images or achieve a perspective that wasn’t previously possible.

However, that doesn’t mean I rush out and buy whatever is new and flashy. Drones are everywhere and a popular trend in photography, but I waited until a model capable of carrying the highest resolution camera became available.  The one you see is what’s known as a Heavy Lift Architectural Hexacopter. Not exactly the drone your nephew got for his birthday.

As it says on Page One of its approximately four-million-page manual, it was specifically designed to carry the highest quality cameras to magnificent heights. And in the right hands, that’s exactly what it does. It’s the only one capable of providing the quality and resolution that meets my clients’ expectations. My drone setup is currently providing the highest resolution still images in Vancouver.

But honestly, I do miss the rush I used to get being 300 ft up in the air on a 120-ton mobile crane.

Make no mistake — as futuristic as these drones may be, they’re not the reason I’m the right person to photograph your project. Technology doesn’t make someone a photographer, any more than owning a Lamborghini can make someone a race car driver. The key thing to keep in mind is that while most other firms out there are drone operators who offer photography, I’m an experienced photographer who always thinks first about lighting & composition. I use technology to enhance the value of my photographs — never the other way around.

That’s the point; I will do whatever it takes to get the best images for your project. That’s what my clients have come to expect from me. Sometimes, aerial photography requires a drone; other times it requires that other fancy flying machine known as a helicopter. Often, all I need are my two feet planted firmly on the ground for architectural interior and exterior photography. And if they ever start building on the ocean floor, I’ll be the first architectural photographer to own a submersible.

Call or Email  to discuss how I can help you get the best images for your architectural or industrial project, company portfolio or editorial — in Canada, the USA, or anywhere.

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